.a review of SAW III.

a very short review of this movie would go...

movie goes gory, lot of blood, lot of flesh, lot of pain, lot of shouting, lot of decisions to make... the end.

but i'm not going for a short review this time. it wouldn't do justice to this movie. if you haven't watched Saw and Saw II, I suggest you guys go get it first cause it's all interrelated especially in this third episode.

Jigsaw is the culprit of this movie. Throughout the first and second episode, we've seen him cultivate the will to live through the use of inhumane methods.

he's not going to the dentist, so his mum decided that this might change his mind next time.

in this third episode, we see how the decrepit jigsaw mould his successor. the only problem with his successor is that she's a killer and her jigsaw's are unsolvable. it all depends on jigsaw to rectify that.

and the biggest part of the jigsaw lies in this episode.
January 25, 2007


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