.a review of the game CASHFLOW.

yesterday, me, sinfulyin, littlepeng, devildo and his friend (sorry, forgot your name... i tried.) went out to starbucks for yamcha. but we ended up playing cashflow cause they were well prepared anyway.

basically, cashflow is the brainchild of Robert Kiyosaki from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". We play a game where it's basically a bit like life. Everyone starts of in a circle we call the rat race. then in order to get out of the rat race, we buy stocks, purchase properties that generate income and so on. however, there are bad stocks or liabilities which will decrease your cashflow. it all depends on planning and patience.

"This board game will transform the "money mind-set" of anyone who plays, whether they are new to financial information, or seasoned investors." - source

whatever it is, i think it's a good game which might not change your life yet but it will definitely stir some thoughts.
January 26, 2007


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