.recap of 2006.

here's a recap of what happened in 2006.

i freaking presented my thesis. and to my relief, it happened just as i imagined it will. except for some questions which like came spoofing from god knows where. sometimes, it's hard explaining the concepts and the ideas that you have to lecturers. that's because they have a certain expectation and a certain guideline to how and what you can do in a thesis.

they know better, i guess.

i didn't get the grades i expected but i was really happy with my grade, probably because i know that with more effort i can achieve better.

sometimes regret is such a bitch.

quitting my job.
i quit my job in johor so that i can come back to penang and you know... rest a while.. maybe like three months. the sad part about quitting this job is that the job was soooo much fun. i enjoyed teaching those kids. and those adults too. i made a lot of friends in that short time i taught. some older, some younger. but we're all cool.

i sooo miss them.

graduation was like the moment i've been waiting for the whole 5 years in UTM. however, it wasn't really fantastic or anything. i blame the stupid costume which made me look like some batman wannabe... or some hongkie mafia according to aileen.
i think graduations are overrated. i prefer the slumber in classes and the carefree life i had in uni.
graduation in my opinion is a big bunch of photo taking session. you take photos during and after the graduation. the ceremony was a big letdown cause they never announced the name... i hate the freaking UTM for spoiling that one important moment in every participating student's life.

break up.
i don't want to talk about this but i think it's best for the both of us.

the interviews.
got my first preliminary rounds of interviews. they were intimidating at first but as times pass by, it's getting easier and easier. maybe because i'm more prepared for it. or maybe because i'm bored of it.

my job.
got my first job here in the company. the expectations are high and i plan to make the company big. i just need some time to familiarize myself with the management and technical aspects before i venture further. they say ambition can kill if you're not careful.

my baby.
my lovable cuddly dog. i love her to bits.

my wife.
my car is taking up most of my money. i guess installments are a bitch.

my friends.
you know, there are some friends which you can't mix more than you can handle and there are friends who you wished you spent more time with. i learnt this only this year. i've always thought i can adapt to all kind of friends. but i guess it's only wishful thinking on my part. but i'm glad to say that i'm comfortable in the company of friends i have now. they're the best.

my family.
2006 was the most influential and mind changing year in regards to family affairs. i've learnt to appreciate them more. and know that nothing matters more than family ties. in the small circle of friendship that we have in a family, i can take solace in the fact that they will always be there when i need a place to fall back to.

goodbye 2006... and welcome a more promising 2007.
January 2, 2007


leenmafia said…
We went thru lots in 2006 yeah? Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true this year. Ok... not all. And yeah, I still think you look like a HK mafia. Minus the black spiky hair. You should have had blonde spiky hair at the convo.
Jimmy Ang said…
what do ya mean not all?

hehe. yeah we did went through lots.

sometimes i miss those days... others... totally NOT!


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