.not your usual response right?

"ding dong"

that's the sound of my handphone notifying me of incoming message.

i took it out from my right pocket and unlocked it. then i clicked on the view msg button.

it's her. i think to myself.

after reading her message, i clicked reply.

then as i was typing halfway. i noted a roadblock less than 500 meters in front.

any sane person's first instinct would be to close the hp and continue later.

but i don't know why. my instinct gave me a different perspective today.

it told me...

"type faster, type faster"

KNN, got police in front and here i was sitting in my car, my left hand on the steering and my right clicking like i was in a thumbtyping competition.
my foot never gave up the pedal position.

as i zoomed closer to the police, i managed to send it just in the nick of time.

they used their big torchlight and scanned my car for extraterrestrial beings and microchips.

i act nonchalant.

they wave me pass.

i gave a big sigh of relief. and i started breathing again.

see, it's not the amount of breaths in life that matter. it's the amount of times that takes your breath away.
daily dose
January 13, 2007


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