.New Year Night Market.

The Lunar Chinese New Year falls on the 18th of February this year. Despite this date being 3 weeks away, a lot of preparation and shopping is being done by families and opportunity seekers alike.

Believe me, I've been getting calls from people asking me to buy firecrackers. Although I do not condone the use of illegal firecrackers, it certainly helps to brighten out the spirit of Chinese New Year.

This year must be the first year I'm in B'Worth after graduation celebrating CNY. thus I've found a lot of night markets cropping up near my housing viccinity.

This is the latest one that I've found in Raja Uda, Jalan Ong Yi How. They are not your average Pasar Malam because they cater to CNY paraphernalia only.

the venue is very much along one wide road. However, it is rectangular in shape, so you could walk from one way up till the end and you'd reach your starting point back. there's no need to go all the way and come back through the same old boring way.

the plethora of people in this place is not only fascinating but also intimidating.

they sell different kinds of foods and different kinds of stuffs.

not only chinese food, there's also sushi for the japanese fans and anime otakus.

i found the garments in this place... a little bit uncle-ish. that, or a little bit too ah beng-ish.

different types of ornaments being sold. i especially liked the spiraling light.

a lot of shit until i can't even classify them

btw, bibi says hi.

basically, that was one hour's worth of walk which i found nothing. the place was quite interesting but nothing that would attract me and make me part with my money.

during the 1 hour walk i was constantly grumbling about how the walk hurts my feet and mom got fed up of my groaning. haha! besides my stomach was soooo full that i could hardly walk.
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January 24, 2007


Anonymous said…

is the night market held everyday? or onli on weekends? -yh-
Jimmy Ang said…
sunday only. i think


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