.sleepy dwarf.

my eyes are all messed up. not having enough sleep can kill i tell you.
but i guess it's all worth it.

i went to meet up with sinfulyin, cherryling divablay and happyhelen (came with buddhabf and newzieSteven)

yeah, divablay recently came back from aussie and decided to meet up so she can give us some presents. she got us the usual koala which i was sooo fucking sick of, i decided that i'd go for the sweets instead. better two edible stuffs than 1 more of those useless koalas. i guess it'd make a perfect gift if you've never gone to aus before. or you've never known anyone from aus before.

dun get me wrong divablay, i lurrrrve the koala... but after looking at it for the millionth time, it's time to let go. maybe someone will appreciate it better, which is why i din choose it.

see how good and thoughtful i am?


a year ago i didn't know which state port dickson was.
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January 18, 2007


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