.mirage of personalities.

we all need and crave for some kind of recognition in this world. whether it's from family or friends. we're all the same. we all need someone or somebody to know us for who we are and what we are.

but we're actually not portraying that in our everyday life. every little detail that we portray today is a mirage and a compilation of different personas.

we emulate people all around us all the time. like that friend who sat beside you during your school days, or that teacher which you adore so much. or even the movie star that you watch every night for the remaining six seasons.

so, as we compile these different personas that we emulate, how should we know which one is really us?

there's a real easy way to counter the effect. we all feel safest when we're with the one we love the most. be it with our family or our best group of friends, our real self will prevail cause all other niceties that we portray and emulate are useless against these bunch of people who has stick by our sides for a big part of our lives.

have you ever wondered why you consciously comb your hair one way or the other?
and when you're in the presence of family members, nothing really matters, not even the amount of dirt you have on your shirt? or how tussled your hair looks like?

cause you know the people who love you the most won't judge you by what you look like or what you portray. they've known you well enough no matter how many layers of niceties you wrap around yourself. and they will still stick by your side even if you're a little dirty on the outside.

it's in the presence of people who we know will judge us that we are more conscious.
January 22, 2007


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