.the grunt of a pig in a bus ride.

fucking grunt pig son of a bitch.

you know the worst thing a person could ever receive on a bus? the passenger from hell right beside you.

i bought my fucking SUPER VIP tickets. i mean, really super vip. which means i'm supposed to be some very super fucking important person to be able to sit in that bus.


it seems that people with the nose size of a dead pig can embark on the same journey in the same vehicle as me. oh, the misery... the catastrophy.

oh, forgot to mention.. those fucking SVIP tickets.. they cost a lil bit more than usual cause they're supposed to be the best dolt buses around the vicinity. screw them, i'm never buying a ticket with the same fucking alphabets.

my trip to KL was plagued by a disease called "fucking pig beside me snoring like bomb"

i sat down in my spot and was ready to get some shut eye. cause ya know, getting SVIP tickets and not enjoying the ride home in a deep slumber is dumb. i'd rather get school bus tickets if i don't actually sleep.

kidding. but anyway. i was sitting there, closing my eye and for the first 15 minutes, it was fine.

Suddenly, this male pig bitch beside my seat started snoring like a fucking bomb was about to explode in his nose. i think it was EXPLODING. i wouldn't mind the normal rhythm snores but his was ecstasy. some times, you get the normal rhythm and after a few snores... he'd snore like he was suffocating.

snort, snort, phewwww...., snort, snort, pheww and.... SNOOOOOORRRRTT.

fucking shit.

i was shocked not to mention the least. i mean, who wouldn't be shocked by a real human sized pig snore right beside them.

"ok.." i thought to myself.

maybe i can insulate the noise with my MP3 player.

i put on my ipod and push the volume max. i can still hear the distinct sound of his snoring but i was thinking it could be bearable.

boy, as soon as the music was transiting from one to the other, the snort comes back to live. like a fucking rock concert.

after around 15 minutes, i couldn't stand it and bitch slapped him. after that i asked him to stay awake for the benefit of the people in Kazakhstan.

kidding. but i did move my place up to the front row. there was no one there.

i pity the people around the vicinity.
daily dose
January 13, 2007


bUttsH4k3r said…
you'd think that was bad. me, i had this dude have his elbow on my chest for just about 13 hours.

invasion of personal space, dude.


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