.back from holiday.

in the short period of time i was not here, i've watched two movies. so... i'm too lazy to do a review of both now. maybe sometime later.

here's what i had on my vacation.

i had a wonderful time with two long lost friends on the first day. but going out shopping with them is such a bitch.

i had sushi buffet. which stuffed my tummy like explosive nitrogen shoved into my nose.

i watched two movies.

i had breakfast. yummy.

i had lunch too. yummy.

i played sudoku.. for the first time. ;)
i'm beginning to love sudoku. but i guess it's only because she loves it too.
i can't do shit with sudoku. my brain kinda freezes up with all those numbers. gotta brush up.

i had big ass dinner in yew's cafe. the place is nice. ambience and food. four star rated. i even like the waiter and waitress there cause they so remind me of myself when i was serving in pulai spring. hehe. pro... man.

i killed someone's computer and had the freaking PRIVILEGE to reformat it for him. as if i'm like so happy to do it. that bitch really got me there.

i know of a secret stash of wonderful songs.

i had her beside me and that's all that matters.

emo right?

fuck it lar... *continues to click publish*
January 11, 2007


Kamigoroshi said…
Gee...and I had 3 days worth of posts for my holidays. How long was yours anyway to have it that short?
Jimmy Ang said…
haha, i had 4 days. but one of them doesn't count. so, that's three. the same as yours.

Anonymous said…
where did u go 4 holidays?

anyway, aren't u supposed to be on a 'after-chickie-pox' diet?

sushi buffet? oooo me craving for sushi.. where did u have the buffet?

Jimmy Ang said…
sushi at JB lar.... a place called SOSAKU. damn nice.


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