Wednesday, November 1, 2006

.AIDS on my PC.

my computer doesn't have the run of the mill cold. i suspect it has AIDS!

Tracking cookies, Droppers, Worms, Trojans. It has them all and much more.

and it hasn't even finished the scan yet.



Benjamin said...

brontok isn't a virus anymore. it's more like a 'program' that everyone in UTM must have. all of my coursemates have it, even myself :(

J!MMY said...

that's weird. i didn't have it when i was in UTM last year. but now that i'm out.... it's everywhere.

but i think i've got it cleaned from my PC though.

muahahaha. die evil brontok!

wEn said...

WOA!!! seems like brontok haven die, ur pc will die many illnesses...poor thing...u din take care of it properly nw tat u hav ur baby? -.-! quick hack Brontok!!! n pls pls pls dun spread the disease 2 me....

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