.corrupt 'em.

there are a lot of things a 6-12 year old can do and would love to do.
here are some of my lists which i could think of me...myself doing when i was that age.

1. playing bottle caps.
2. playing toy (some kind of catching game/tagging game)
3. playing pepsi-cola (some cool jumping around stepping on other's feet game)
4. cycling on my tricycle or bicycle
5. hang around in the house
6. watch tapes
7. watch television
8. talk with friends.
9. sing along to the radio
10. feed the dogs
11. watch porn
12. play football/basketball/softball (insert any other type of ball)
13. play kite
14. walk around
15. sleep

basically those are the menial stuffs i do when i was around that age group. and how it has changed since then right?

what are people who are in those age group doing now?

1. playing computer games
2. playing PS2/PSP/XBOX 360 (insert any other console here)
3. watch internet porn
4. download music
5. download illegal contents
6. sms friends
7. play games or upgrade and show off their handphones
8. watch DVD/VCD/ASTRO
10. check e-mail /friendster
11. exchange music downloads on their handphones
12. dance and sing in the car/house to their own karaoke system
13. dance and sing in the pub/bar with all the adults.

yes, i saw a couple of kids in the bar/club where they were playing high tech techno music till my heart was thumping unwillingly. my ears were about to explode.

but these kids were on the stage at the front beside the speakers dancing like a couple of premature crippled shitting baboons.

and there were adults watching the show. it really made me disgusted watching the scene. although i wasn't involved in any way.. i feel like a perverse paedophile bastard.

these people all need a piece of stick stuck up their rectum and screwed all the way up.
as i walk pass, i take a look at these kids and wonder whether they'll make the right choice in the future. is this what parent's call exposure? bend it when it's still young?

i call it a waste of semen fluid, an egg and 9 months of hard labour!
September 9, 2006


Jason Lioh said…
Kids nowadays are getting worse and worse. All they know is party all night long. *shrugs*
bUttsH4k3r said…
when i was that age, i also remember breaking ice-cream sticks (the wooden ones) in half, then whupping it with my palms to see who got it the farthest.
Sharon said…
sometimes we can't deny the existence of technology and media which now play a big and important role in "redefining" today's kids
Jimmy Ang said…
i can't deny that technology plays a big part... but.. kids as young as 10 to 12 in a disco at 1am?

that was just shocking.


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