.summons cut.

ya know, to think that people would actually be grateful to the government for fighting graft by lowering summonses.

BUT no!!!! people want to bitch about it all the time.

I mean how stupid can humans be? This is the perfect way to fight graft and to deter corruption. It not only helps us but it also helps them.

I know, some moronic idiots must be thinking.
"what about people who break the laws? wouldn't they be LESS afraid now?"

who's afraid of the money? the people who break the law often enough are the ones rich enough to pay them and are not scared to abuse them...

or they are the ones who we call MAT CEMERLANG and will never pay their summonses. If and when they encounter a roadblock. they do a blitz. Blitz here refers to mowing and evading the fuck out of their way.

or the occasional ones, who are the majorities. I know people like us deserve a second chance and just because of one fucking mistake we don't deserve to be penalized heavily for it. i mean, we usually squirm our way out of it anyway... like putting 50 bucks under the license. Hey, beats the 300 i have to pay. and even if i want to levy some off on request, i have to run around the office , writing letters and asking for signatures. which is just not worth shit i guess. i love my TIME and i don't intend to waste them sucking up to people who don't deserve them.

and talking about those MAT CEMERLANG?
what the hell is the idiots thinking.. rebranding?
September 6, 2006


Anonymous said…
Yes, there are 2 ways to look at it, but, being pampered Malaysians who always love to see the glass half empty, baffles me. I'm glad they reduced the price, it reduces bribery. Many claim it encourages accidents, which I think is absurd. They can actually counter it by introducing stiffer demerit points.
5xmom.com said…
Yeah, that's exactly my point too. Those hardcore law breakers dun give a shit how much it costs them. It benefits the majorities and yet, the papers said 56% disagree with the reduction. I said the 56% are morons who will bitch just about anything.


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