.SMK Dato Onn Butterworth.

how many times have we avoided entering the headmaster's room?

when i was a teenager, i avoided the school's office which was conveniently near the headmaster's office like the black plague. truthfully, now that i think back about it, i wonder what's so scary about it?

maybe it's the plethora of people in there. you know, the PK HEM, the PK and the PK Ko-K all seemed like people you don't want to mess with.

and sometimes when the speaker or PA system fires out and names are called, you wouldn't want it to be yours. cause you know whoever that's on the list is bound to be in trouble.

maybe not really, but you always assume.

today, i went back to my old high school. none of the teachers i met in the office are familiar. they're all so new to me? but i know a few names, mainly the PK HEM and the PK Ko-K.

But that's about it. don't even know who the headmaster is.

the place has changed a lot hasn't it?
it has been 5 years since i was last there. maybe 6. a lot has changed. the wooden hall doors has been replaced with grill like glass structures. i wonder what else changed?

basically, a lot has changed. in terms of facilities. but the location of each section, each office, the co-op, the science room.. none of those changed.

the uniform is still the same. the school badge is still the same, the tie too. everything looked the same except the faces. i can't recognize 80% of them.

anyway, i wanted to go and meet the headmaster. and it amazes me now how hard it is to get into her room. probably because she's busy today but i remembered that if i was still a student in this school, i could be in that room in 5 minutes.

i just have to hurt someone real bad.

and it did cross my mind while waiting for her. cause 55 minutes is enough to let your mind go crazy.

i walked out before i took a crowbar and smashed the office.

September 27, 2006


nn9ty said…
is it really different from the good ol' days? man, I miss the school, but if there are no familiar faces around, it wouldn't be that exciting to visit I guess.

p/s - ms. yip still there ah? hehe ..how bout your favorite...mashitah...hahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
hey, watch your mouth. it could be pn. yip ady you know?

why in the blue hell is my favorite mashitah? and pardon this but who is mashitah?
Dental Girl said…
Those evil people who ruled the school last time...

You know how you hate certain teachers because they were so annoyingly condescending/annoying/superior when you were young?

Well, when I graduated, I met a couple of them on the street and me being the not-so-angelic person ignored them point blank. Some wounds run deep.
nn9ty said…
oh pardon my ignorance, PN. yip...shesshhh where's my manners huh?

btw, u cant remember Mashitah? she's our chem teacher in from 4...the one where most of us learned nothing from her...(she likes to talk crap too..literally crap)
Jimmy Ang said…
dental girl: let bygones be bygones... oh.. you're sooo da evil (impersonates mini me)

nit: wonder whether she's married or not?

mashitah... now i remember her.... i just love her! haha


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