.My Super Ex-Girlfriend review.

Let me kinda sum it all up in one breath or two.

The movie is about a young innocent guy who has a the density of a donkey and attracts mainly neurotic bimbos. He has an even dense friend who is kinda like a gay/bisexual/perverted combination and a very cute co-worker.

In this show, we are shown all the inner works of a superhero. Like... what would happen if Superman had sex with Lois.. and how the fuck did they have sex?

There are some parts in this movie definitely worth watching and there are some parts which is just lame. I believe the complex mix of superhero/villain + Love Story + Scary Movie feel is kinda good. I mean, the super villain is superbly dumb and nerdy and of course so is the main actor.

Uma Thurman can be a bit dorky at times, but her superhero mode rocks. However, her quirks and insecurities shows her as a bit of a normal being or crazy BIATCH... i guess we can all only sympathize with Wilson.

i give it a solid 7/10 for sexual comedy!


The part I love most is where they were having sex and after rocking up and down... she broke the bed. After that, Uma said.. "Don't worry, I'll get you a new one"

Wilson said "Bed or Penis?"

And then when Wilson had sex with his co-worker, he said it again "Woow, that didn't even hurt a bit!"

I guess the best bit must be when the G-Girl flew up and they had sex in the sky.

worth a watch but don't expect too much.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


September 6, 2006


lainieyeoh said…
giggle. new penis. hehehehe...
Anonymous said…
Looks like a good movie to watch! Thanks.


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