.my agenda.

i'm working now. kinda like running my own stuffs. and i've learnt quite a few things since beginning this fragile carier of mine. i mean, it's just a part time stint till i get something i really want but it still taught me a lot of stuff.

first of all, sales is hard. meeting customers, it doesn't matter whether it's day or night, raining or hot, we need to meet these customers in order to maintain a working relationship. sometimes, it's hard to talk about business when you're out for dinner or lunch. i don't want to sound like some pestering mother fucker.

basically, it all comes out to skills. i guess i'm learning. slowly but surely.

the second thing i've learnt is marketing is even harder. i mean, it doesn't only involve selling but planning brand awareness and maintaining customer relations. it also means increasing customer base. currently, i'm on a marketing project for the laboratory i'm working in. hopefully, it'll all turn alright.

i'm also working as a sales agent for a maid agency. if you need one cheap, call me.

it's all personal side income but i'm hoping it'll turn out to be an opportunity instead of a job.

tonight i'm going for football or is it fusball? whatever, you know, the one in gol dan gincu?

talking about G&G, i'm digging their current project too, realiti.

i think G&G is mostly adult teen drama and boy/girl relationship but realiti offers more.

i think realiti has potential.
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September 14, 2006


nn9ty said…
I enjoy reading about this entry. And what's more is that I like your statement : it's all personal side income but i'm hoping it'll turn out to be an opportunity instead of a job.

I need to learn more from your experience. certainly valuable.

may you succeed in your endeavour. good luck buddy!
Sharon said…
it's called futsal.
i found G&G is a bit too boring for my taste.. too western wannabe get what i mean? anyway it's just my opinion :)
Jimmy Ang said…
nit : thanks mate. u too.

sharon : yeah, futsal.. sheessh.
(goes bang head on the wall)


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