.highway star auto city.

yesterday i went out with TallJean to to Auto City. He was there with RachelBlack. Me? I went there alone. I guess tonight's another alone ordeal too.

Anyway, we went up to Highway Star. You know, the pub/bar on top of Hot Wheels? Now, me and TallJean were not drinkers. He's a smoker but not a drinker. so, we went up, I ordered Coke, much to the amusement of the waitress and I guess he was just embarassed to order another cup of coke, so he pointed to the cup mat (Tiger) and pointed another 1 to the waitress. I guess any normal person in the coffee shop would assume that's either a cup or a bottle of Tiger.

But no, to our horror, she came back with a tub of Carlsberg. WTF? where in the part of the signal did Carlsberg came out? Anyway, after one cup, TJ's so beaten up i bet another and he'd drive zig zag.

the atmosphere in HS was not what i expected. They have these uglies dancing in belly showing tops and hotpants, kinda like GT girls but without the GT looks. and the poster in front of their staircase is just for show. Ain't no one in there looks like that. No wonder the majority of population in the bar/pub consists of uncle and adults who wear shorts and selipars.

i mean, i envy their comfort but it still wouldn't be somewhere i'd be on a friday night.

i'm not going back there again. EVARRRR!
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September 16, 2006


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