.glad i did.

i woke up at 8 today. put the phone on snooze and slept back yet again.
then the second alarm rang and i woke up to put it on snooze again. After that I went back to sleep.

by the time i really really woke up, it's already 8.30. I took my bath, changed and everything. it's 9am.

OMFG, i have an interview at 10 in Penang. And I don't even have a clue where is the location.
I put on my best suit and walked out. I never actually wanted to attend this interview because i was quite certain i aint moving up to singapore for a change of career. then, since i can't get through to any personnel over there, i just went anyway, you know... i guess it was good i went. it gave me a lot of new info and insight on both the company and how interviews can be conducted.

in a nutshell, i was glad i went and learnt what i did. i maybe would've regretted it if i didn't go.
everything went smoothly and calmly i say, i managed to reach the place in the nick of time. i managed to handle everything rather well but nothing is perfect. i think i could've done better.

if i get this job, i'll be working in SG. one thing which pisses me off in that prospect is.. i wouldn't be able to continue what i'm doing here and i have done quite a number of stuffs here. i still need to carry on some minor projects of mine and handle things responsibly.

i don't know. those who know me should know that i'm very uncertain and unstable. i usually go with the flow. but i guess when it comes to my future, i need to have a clear direction or i'll end up nowhere.
September 21, 2006


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