.early morning.

i woke up to the sound of my handphone ringing today. my hand scrambled for the phone to look for the time. it's 8 am.

'who the fuck calls me at 8am?' i think to myself.

"hello?" i squeezed my voice.

"hello, wei, i'll be there at your place in half an hour." he said.

"but i haven't even woke up yet..." i struggled.

"see you in half an hour"

after taking a bath and getting everything into perspective i finally remembered.

i lent him my car yesterday so that he could go out and have a gangbang. and i told him i want it back by tomorrow afternoon the least.

he reaches my house in exactly half an hour. i fetch him back to his working place and got back to the laboratory. on the way, i stopped by a nasi lemak stall to buy two packets of the yummy orgasmic food.

nasi lemak has always been a favourite food of mine. but it gets my stomach cranking early in the mornings.

i reach the laboratory at 8.50 and whizzed up the PC.

as i sat down to check my mail and read some blogs, mom called.

"you're awake early"

"yeah, got somethings to do" i quipped.

"have you dried the clothes and sweeped the floor yet?"

"mom, it's 9. i doubt i even had enough sleep and you're asking me whether the chores are done yet?"

"go back and do later"


sometimes, i hate mom. sometimes, i hate my friends. other times, i hate everything.

i can be so full of hate.
September 8, 2006


Anonymous said…
It takes a day to make a dream but it takes many nights for a seed to become a tree. Life is a ladder that must be climbed but in every stage.

There are many rivers and battles to fight and our hopes determines our future. Life is a trip through the wilderness and everyone must survive for success.

But without a determination we can never reach our destination. There are many roads in life but choice stands between the broad and the narrow. The world is not only what we see

But what we hear life is time and time is tide. We are making an endless journey. But no ladder is without an end. Problems may fall like rain. But every seed has its season.
Jimmy Ang said…
i heart it. i really heart it.

but sometimes, problems rain and flood me.


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