.custom ipod wrist/arm wrap.

i've always wanted to own an ipod nano and since i've got one, i wanted to take it to my jogging and exercise episodes. however, the current setup only lets me hang it up on my neck which really irks me when i jog around cause the thing keeps shaking and bobbing and jumping.

so, today... i'm gonna show ya all how i modified the protective silicone casing and a canvas belt into a wrist wrap for ipod nano.

first of all, you gotta have a silicone protective casing.
then get one of your old belts.

after that, slit the sides of the protective casing accoring to the insertion of your belt.

then, insert it all the way inside. after that, cut off the excess canvas and burn the end so that it produces a burnt end. this is to stick all the stitches together.

after that, wrap it around your arm like a torniquet (the ones the nurse use when they want to take your blood or inject you with some shit.)

voila. it works like a charm. although the ends could get loose after an hour or so but it basically serves its purpose.

total cost.... nil. cause i already had the silicone casing and the belt. maybe the destruction of the belt caused me a couple of ringgits.

i'd give this shit a 6/10 for usefullness and a 2/10 for aesthetics.

6+2 = 8/2 = 4

daily dose
September 13, 2006


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