.the couple of days.

a customer walked past the door, he looks familiar but i can't just quite pinpoint him.

he walks in and asks for the boss. i ask him to sit down and wait a while while i go get her.

as soon as the boss comes in, they began talking and soon, i realized that he was the tuition teacher who taught me since i was standard 5 to 6 i think.

i remembered clearly one day when he did something exceptional. a mom was walking to the place and asked the teacher to accept her son in the tuition centre.

unfortunately, he was only in standard 3. maybe not unfortunately in the current trend where people compete and fight for the leading positions.

however, the teacher/sir nonchalantly said "i can't accept your son. if he was in standard 4 or 5, i would accept him without a doubt. but he's still so young, let him have some fun first."

and that was how he rejected income. for the sake of the children. right there and then, i knew he was a good guy. maybe it wasn't because i understood the dilemmas befitting children at that time and the need to succeed or the pressure... but maybe it was just because i see him empathising with us kids. taking a real concern in our welfare and not his own.

some people nowadays go as far as taking their 6 year olds to tuition classes. i say, they're still young. let them have fun.

so, back to the topic, you know how i pinpointed that i knew he was the teacher who taught me standard 5 to 6?

i need to mention here that he taught both me and my brother.

and he said, i taught her son "timmy".
teachers seem to have a knack remembering my brother's name.

sometimes, it's a bitch not having an english name. teachers can't remember you.
after 10,15 years. who'd remember a name like khoin touan or chuin rhuan.... or whatever.


a couple of days back, i was driving my bike to get dinner when i passed someone cycling. i looked back and true enough, he looks damn familiar. in fact, he is so familiar that i can recognize the thin but dark body and the big round spectacles straight away.

he was my neighbour, but more than that, he was also my third uncle. from my dad's side.
now i don't know what happened between them but he was less "bonded" compared to all the other siblings. i've always wanted to ask why but i never did. maybe because brotherhood or sibling rivalry is to me a very sensitive issue.

i never did got to know him too well, nor too good. i never knew his sons too. but he was always ok. he wasn't the typical rich person. never the one rich in wealth or sibling love. but i guess he was rich in health.

at the age of god knows how much but i guess he'd be pretty freaking old now, he still cycles. he's cycled all this time. maybe not because he never had the money to buy a car but because he loved cycling.

i wanted to greet him at that time but he rode too fast and my bike sped too fast too.
i make a note to myself so that i'll greet him next time.

whatever happened during the last generation shouldn't really affect the current generation.


talking about transportation, my car got scratched, dented from the front door till the rear bumper.

yeah, my sister who just passed her "P" licensed grazed the side of the divider/cone.

it's her first week only.

we didn't scold her, i didn't, mom didn't, bro didn't.

we all just laughed at her.

truthfully, i think it's good she got this accident so early. before this, she was kinda cocky and went everywhere to fetch her friends. i know....

now, at least it wasn't a big accident and now, at least she knows how to be more careful and HUMBLE.
September 19, 2006


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