.complacent mee.

coffee bean's new honeydew shake is superb! but that's probably cause i love honey dew. (biased) sixthseal blogged about it here. so i guess i'd save myself the review.

yesterday i went to auto city's coffee bean and hang out for like an hour. to which i am guilty of missing the turn two times. and you guys who know the place will know that it'll be such a bitch to find a u-turn on the highway. i think i wasted a quarter of my petrol. what a bitching place. maybe it's also cause i'm a road dummy. whatever...

anyway, did i mention that i watched snakes on a fucking plane twice?

i gotta be more assertive. i mean, i can be flimsy and dupsy at times. i've yet to master the art of saying "NO". i know this puts me at a disadvantage but sometimes it's just damn hard to say no.

almost all my friends who know me will confirm that i have a tendency to comply as long as i can do it. but i guess this attitude can't go on anymore, especially since i'm about to venture into the working arena. people'd fuck me up if i keep up with the "yes, i can" attitude.

anyone here with advice on how to learn to say no?

yesterday for example, i don't really feel like going to auto-city for a cup of 12 bucks coffee. (which i later found out that they were havin honeydew IB and it totally roxs AND I NEVER REGRETTED a single cent of it)

but i did drive my car all the way alone.... up there to meet them anyway. which i never regretted but still... it shows how hard it is for me to say no to any invitation. sometimes, i'd have complied to two invitations at the same time and i wouldn't even know it.

farts being the ever complying me.
September 11, 2006


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