Thursday, July 13, 2006



that was the sound my car was making as i was halfway back from fetching my sister. she's got her usual round of tuitions. as does every 17 year olds in this country.

the only problem with a sister is... you can't trust her yet to go on her own pillion riding on a friend's bike.

anyway... i screeched to a halt and asked my sister to go down and take a look. she said it was nothing.

i continued and the sound is still prevalent.

i got pissed off and decided to go down and have a look myself.

there, in my utter shock and disbelief was a screwdriver... the one where you find them in motorcycles with reversible heads. either cross or straight..

and this screwdriver comes without a handle.

now that i think of it... it does. it has finally found a place to lodge it's cross ass into my tyre.

my level of pissed off is roughly equivalent to 100% now!

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