Thursday, July 6, 2006

.green book of trouble.

"shit, i can't find her passport"

and that my friendly blogders could be the last few words that came out of my mouth before a day of catastrophe.

i can't eat well, can't sleep well, i was constantly tired and restless at the same time. i think mental disturbance is more powerful than physical pain.

yes, did i mention that during this point of catastrophe, i have a distorted leg due to a flying kick during futsal on Tuesday night? i didn't? well, now you know.

with one leg throbbing in pain... i gathered all my energy and drove my MANUAL Proton Saga all the way up and down town searching for the illusive green indonesian passport.

during this ordeal, i have to say that there were a LOT of people breathing down my neck cursing my stupidity and irresponsibility and also carelessness. needless to say life was a breathing ball of fire.... and i was caught in flames at that time. imagine the pain.

however, i have to say that these ordeals have taught me a lot of things. primarily, never ever FUCK up... in the case that fuck ups do happen.... take solace that it's a company where you're the boss... or you're the son of the boss.

however, if you're not... you're in deep trouble. i mean, trouble so deep it'll reach the devil.

anyway, if anyone loses his/her maid's passport. don't fret too much. it won't cost an arm and a leg but it'll be really troublesome.

whoever that took that green little book of trouble.. i have this to say to him/her:
i hope your family constipate and puke for 1 whole month.

unless, it's me or my family... then that's a different story all together.

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