.gas leak.

monday night was just any other night. except this time i decided to while away my night since i'm not going to be sleeping in my room anyway. (read previous post). thus i had to be able to feel some sort of fatigue before slumping down on to the futon look alike mattress.

i decided to continue my book. marian keyes - the other side of the story.

and then something hit me. it was a smell. i smell i've been familiar with.

OH MY GOD. it was the gas. and to think that it has travelled all the way upstairs into the air conditioned room. the floor below must've been flooded with this foul thinking smell.

i cripped downstairs, slowly as not to entice any sparks of flame. i mean, if i were to shout or jump about, my family could have heard me and switch on the lights.... and burn the fucking house down in the process. i couldn't switch on any lights but thank god, it wasn't dark. at least not very dark. some of the lights were already lit.

i walked down the stairs and slowly opened the doork to my kitchen. a foul smell rushed out and hit me like a storm of tsunami. i couldn't help it but i think i felt nauseous. the smell is just overwhelming.

i quickly went over and checked the gas. nothing's wrong. it's all turned off. i wonder whether it could have been a burst pipe. which could be even worse.

and then i noticed that the smell was not coming from the gas stove. i tried to trace the smell and found it extremely strong near the fridge.

could there be a gas leakage from the fridge? i wondered?

then i held out my hand and opened the fridge.

i felt the same wave that i did when i opened the door.

and then it suddenly hit me.

it was the DURIAN my mom bought and kept in the tupperware.

it's simply amazing how durians can smell like gas leaks. fuck.
daily dose
July 11, 2006


Anonymous said…
lol, so powderful one!
Tok Rimau said…
Eureka! You just discovered the best & cheap material to make a bomb.
Anonymous said…
LOL Jimmy. Suspen sial.
Jimmy Ang said…
i mean, come on... really... is it just me that thinks it smells like gas leaks?


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