.to have is to neglect.

sometimes, we own something or we hold on to something for so long that we forget to look at it again.

sometimes, we have something for too long that we neglect it.

we neglect the beauty that it once has. the light that shined on it has now dimmed. it was once the most beautiful thing in your eye, now it is just a reflection in the corner of your eye.

do you remember how we used to look at each other? do you remember how we cherish every moment together? no matter how short, we grab every opportunity to be together.

then, i don't know when it happened but it did, we moved apart. every moment seemed the same as the last moment. nothing is new, everything is seen and done. we never cherish those small moments anymore.

when will we cherish each other again as if there is no tomorrow? when will we move to the center of our eye again? if we do not do something about it, i believe we will always remain at the corner.

i love it when we are together but things were never the same anymore, you are not the same anymore, and neither am i.

should we look back or should we neglect everything again?

those little things we did seemed to matter last time, but i wonder when it all became a necessity more than appreciation. we used to do small little things together, now we're all stuck in this materialistic world giving presents because it is a "must", not a will.

when will we realize, that we are moving apart?

i need some token of appreciation for the things i do too. i can't seem to shrug things off with a simple hug or a simple kiss. i need more than that, i need you.

let's take a step back and move back together into the center of our eyes again. because i know love is not an illusion, it is real and i want to see it in the center of my eye.

let's not look at the past or neglect each other anymore. let's look at the future and cherish each other. i know love is not lost.

p/s: sometimes a relationship can last for so long that it will turn into a responsibility more than love. but responsibility could be a KIND of love. just look at it differently.

p/s/s: i still love you ;)
April 26, 2006


Anonymous said…
Of course! Love is meaningless without commitment;just a fleeting moment of pleasure and infatuation. To be commited is to be responsible, so you're very right. It's all about love. Still love. Good luck.
akmj said…
wow! deep... :) all d best in everything :)
bUttsH4k3r said…
you don't love me anymore is it?

update leh?

btw, thanks a lot. got the feedburner counter on already. and i just got a long word verification; 9 characters wtfbbq!


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