.party poopers.

is it so hard to get people to part with their hard earned money and embark on a 3 days 2 nights journey to a tropical island?

i hate it whenever this happens. first, i plan a trip which costs over 400 including all the extra expenses and including transportation. then everyone gets hyped up and they agree. skip forward a week, they fucking tell me their parents won't let them go, they are too busy, they are poor (insert some more bullshit here).

now i'm left with three person (including me) going to Redang. is this still a group? would it still be fun?

what are friends for? stingy mother fucking bastards who have nothing better to do than sleep their mother fucking way and bury their head in books throughout these five years in UTM. hmmm, fuck them...

would it still be advisable if i'm left with three person? could this trip still be fun?

anyone went with a three person entourage before?

well, at least i have another trip coming up this thursday to another beachfront.

at least i know these other people won't cancel and give me some bulshit crap!

p/s: anyone wanna go with us to Redang?
April 9, 2006


suanie said…
3d/2n redang incl transportation for 400++ is not expensive leh. just go la. it's a seriously beautiful place. i went to redang with a bunch of friends, but i went to penang a couple times with just two other friends. different experiences but both best.
Anonymous said…
The rooms are either twin-sharing or quad-sharing. So you may want to get another person to tag along.

But three is also good enough. You tend to waste less time, be more punctual, and may even enjoy yourselves more compared to going in a group of 36 (I helped organized a trip of 36 students to Redang last year).
Jason Lioh said…
RM400, me and another 3 friends had a road trip and went up to all the way to Cameron (1 night) and Penang (1 night). We are from Malacca. Smaller group means more flexible time, food and accomodation. :) It is equally fun as well. Can one. ;)
Anonymous said…
was in redang last month. just go! it's too beautiful to be anything but emjoyable.

yea, agree with pelf and jason. less people mean less whims to cater to. i went to holiday trips in a small group to europe (trio), tioman (trio) and langkawi (quad), and it all turned out very enjoyable indeed. i think the most important things would be you have to plan well so you know at least the basics of what you all want to do when you arrive, and preferably have similar intentions for the holiday. how much you guys enjoy each other's company would also contribute much towards how fun it'll be (or not)

remember to take a load of pictures to show the others what they missed and tell them, "padan muka"!
Eve said…
I had friends that always give shitty excuses and caused me into severe depression.Now, i just do wat i want.

I went redang with a group of 18 people.We all know each other for more than 4 years and the trip was enjoyable but not totally fun.It's no fun going trip with non-sporting people. All they will do is whine and complain. better go with steady kaki's..Too many ppl will waste alot of time deciding on things as we want to make everyone happy on a trip.

Just go ahead with your plan! Me and another 2 friends had been to langkawi and kl and it was a blast!
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks peeps. i'll see how it turns out...


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