.multi level my ass.

.sometimes, i am saddened by the amount of ignorance my friends have.

i thought he was better than that. but he fell for the same old trick again.. get rich quick while you play with your balls and shake your legs.

what's wrong with MLM?
Many readers will share the experience of observing MLMs divide families, friends, churches, and civic groups. Lifelong friends are now "prospects." The neighborhood is now "a market." Motives change, suspicions rise, divisions form. The question is begged: "Is it worth it?"
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not to mention the fact that i have seen people in this field. and yes they do earn quite a living.

at first! but after a couple of months or a couple of years (if he/she is lucky), karma bites back.

people tend to alienate you if you keep on prodding them to enter a business scheme. and people who can't earn from your recommendation after promises of richness and a brand new car will also blame you.

humanity is not based on money. although i do agree that money is good, but money is not what we aim for in life. we aim for a good life and wonderful friends. at least that's what i aim for.... just above money that is... ;)

Top 10 reasons not to join LB

and if you're already in LB, go get help here!

here are some writings in the blogosphere dedicated to LB. if you have written one, post it at the comment section and i'll add it on.

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Kiyosaki, Lampe Berger and MLM
April 4, 2006


Eve said…
Wah, you dont need to sleep? post a blog at 4am. Anyway, all this direct sales are like insurance agents(no offence). They will attack family members first, then friends and then friend's friends. I hate all these schemes. I will not join any of these as it will "chialat-ly" damage my social networks. Makes one seems very greedy as well.
Jimmy Ang said…
i can't sleep cause these LP mofos keep bugging me.
5xmom.com said…
Talk about this only my blood boil. Not long ago, the paper already highlighted the pay RM30K and get rich quick? Inspite of that, my stupid damn ass in-law wanted to mortgage her RM25K low cost flat so that her daughter can invest. Stupid ah lian paid RM2K and got returns and wanted to invest further RM30K. After kena lambasted with my hubby, I don't know whether they still go and mortgage that flat. I can't blog this cos of blood ties so thanks for letting me load this off. Some people just got no sense and ought to be shot. Wasting earth resources only. BTW, this is the family that let their son jump aeroplane (work illegally in UK) and damn proud.
Anonymous said…
yucks! i hate mlm ppl! yucks! wad dxn la wad la...irritating! oh and one more thing...do u notice that mlm tend to make ppl more kiamsiap n kiasu??! HAHAHA
Jimmy Ang said…
5xmum : agreed about the shot part. if they live and worse... reproduce, the taint in human genetics could be unbearable.

et : kiamsiap and kiasu! yes!
Oh well.. it is time to create awareness..

Blogersphere need to be united to go againsts them...

Thanks for featuring us.


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