Attached is the photo of our friend Mr. Ng's youngest daughter, Ng Li Sean, 15 years old. She has not come back home since she left home on Saturday evening,18th March 2006. She was in a barber shop that she went there for cutting hair that evening but she missing after her parents go to fetch her. She was last seen with a tomboy(gal) who are been searching long time by police on Sunday 19 evening.

Ng Li Sean suffering from gastric since she was young. Thus, she need to take medicine regularly. Her family are worried about her safety and need help to find their daughter back.
A police report has been lodged on Sunday evening, 19th March 2006 and there is still no news until now. Please contact Mr. Ng or Ah Chan directly if there is any help or information that you can offer.

Many thanks in advance

P/S: Her news also appear in various newspapers on the date of 23rd march 2006.

Father (Mr. Ng) : 016-7770955
Home No.: 07-4326237
Ah Chan : 016-7105919

The following is the girl's detail:
Name: Sim Choon Hwa (Ah Choon)
Age: 31
Car's plate no.: JGL 685 (model : Kancil)

April 19, 2006


Eve said…
hey, that's in penang or jb? good luck in the search.


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