.killing my reputation.

i hate the smell of freshly dyed hair.

and yes, i dunno where the hell i got this sudden outburst of eagerness and stupidity, i went and got my hair dyed. the color was supposed to be a dark auburn kinda shit. but under the sun, i think it's more red than auburn or whatever.

i have never been a fan of people dyeing their hairs. i kinda lump them all up into one category, ah bengs.

but lately, i have been pondering to myself, whatever that makes a person ah beng is not only his hair... but a combination of his car, his attire, attitude and hair (yeah hair counts too).

however, i think in the span of 1/2 an hour after i dyed my hair, i've been called ah beng by my friends more than 10 times.

i totally blame myself for always referring to my friends who dyed their hair as ah lians.....

now, go bugger off. i am having a bad hair day.
fuck ups
April 7, 2006


Reta said…
i wanna dye my hair reddish brown can? lol
Anonymous said…
mana pics?
Eve said…
i used to look at dyed heads with a diff manner. Then i dyed mine 1 day as we only live once so what the heck la.I think im addicted to it now. But i always stick to dark colours not ah Lians/hua bleach blonde type. haha

show show urs
Jimmy Ang said…
pics? tomorrow or later lar...
Anonymous said…
damn, no pictures! hehhe


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