.jealousy is the root of all evil.

jealousy is the root of everything in a relationship. the lack of it and the excess of it.

jealousy causes anger, causes fights/quarrels, mistrust, break-ups. basically jealousy is everything.

why do men or women tend to hide things from their partners? if it's not because of adultery, it must be jealousy...

i mean, it's nothing biggie.. a couple of friends going out, but maybe different chromosome pairs. but they tend to hide this simple fact from their partner. why? cause it's easier. it's easier than explaining, it's easier than telling, it's easier than enduring the torrents of rant. one word, easy!

but, if the other partner finds out. she will only think of one thing.. of course besides infidelity, it would be mistrust. why didn't he/she trust me to tell me?

dear, it's not because of trust... it's because of the most basic trait of human nature... conflict avoidance. once mistrust sets in... believe me, going out for a cup of coffee with your best friend would be like... MI3.. yes, Mission Impossible III.

after getting frustrated with the lack of freedom, fuck... quarrels and fights set in. plates fly (maybe not) but words are hurled. words that we will regret the minute it comes out of our mouth. because it hurts us more than it hurts them.

yes, it hurts US more than it hurts them.

who can stand the lack of freedom and constant scrutiny by their counterpart? believe me no one can. it's a matter of patience, not a matter of adaptation.

once patience runs thin... all hell breaks lose. fucked up man... love life is fucked up.

once love life is fucked up... it all boils down to one solution. break up.

all because of jealousy?

girls are more serious in this area compared to guys. so, just put trust in a box and pass it to him. if he breaks it, it was meant to be broken anyway. maybe all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put it back together again. maybe it will never heal...

but it is better than keeping the trust in a locked box where all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't even touch it. right?
April 10, 2006


Reta said…
hey jimmy i have to agree with u on the "not telling all the facts because it is easier than explaining" lol
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, sometimes it's just a pain in the butt to explain right? god, if i have a penny everytime i had to explain.. i'd be rich.
Wanster said…
the worst thing of all:
when ur girl goes out wit a guy, and she did tell u, AND ure not jealous cuz ure trying 2 be a gentleman.. AND.. she's angry cuz ure not jealous.
(why u dont feel a thing wann? u dont care about me anymore lah?)

but if u are jealous, she's angry cuz ure not sporting enough.
(u know rite that i love u. he is just a friend mah. so long didn't meet deee.. i just dont understand u!)
Jimmy Ang said…
wow WY, you put it all perfectly in words. i couldn't agree more!

muakakaka! it's true!


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