Thursday, April 6, 2006

.end of an era.

i think i'm finished with my PSM. wait a minute. i am.. all that's left is CD-fying it and hard copying it.

woot! and after this, only CALL assignment to go and i'm all fired up for a holiday and a nice long vacation. i even got myself a sunglass just for the trip. hehe.


is the sunglass a short-sighted speckie? no.... cause contacts rock!

now, after 5 years in this fucking university, i can really say that i've had enough of it. i mean, 4 years was still nostalgic and maybe leaving at a ripe age of 4 years in UTM would've left me with some love... but 5 years just makes it all too predictable and boring.

if i can describe utm.. i would call it lifeless, drab, dull, boring or sucky.

and i've finally got my bluetooth adapter to work with my BlueSoleil software. it had to undergo 3 BT adapter changes but now... it's finally working. woohooo!

and if you can notice from the picture, which i doubt it.. i've gotten a haircut. it was 2 weeks ago but it costs 32 bucks can? in Tmn Universiti here where life is a bitch and student discounts are everywhere, i still can't imagine i got a haircut for 32 bucks! well, i take solace in the fact that they had to prewash my hair, give me a massage.... a nice one if i may add, a haircut (duh..) and another wash.

for the experience, i wouldn't complain about the price but still, i'm a fucking student k?

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