.drifting in Danga Bay.

yesterday, urm... Saturday night to be exact, there was a drifting competition in Danga Bay. My student's husband was in the race, so I went to watch the drift competition. Of course, it was drizzling at one point but no one bothered to find shelter. I guess the heat from the competition is enough to keep everyone hot.

It's actually a competition where they gather points before entering the Top 16. Once in the top 16, they battle it out 2 vs 2 and the loser is ousted. So, it's kinda a bummer if you encounter a mistake in the top 16.

The most appluded car in the whole competition was the AE86 which amazingly is modified to look almost exactly like Initial D, Takumi's car. It is driven by Tengku Djan. He's a pro drift racer and practices in Japan.

Anyway, the race was ecstatic. The view and the sound at the venue is enough to keep me grounded even though the heat was overbearing. I don't usually post videos in my blog but I think this event cannot be captured through image.

There was even a show drift by the Drift Master, Keiichi Tsuchiya himself.

Something funny happened though during the competition, there was only 1 female driver... Cheah Kah Jane no. 88, during the driver's line up, someone behind me shouted, "marry me 88!!!!"

and there i was, thinking what a fucking moron.

the event was sponsored by R3 and Zero to Hundred

with Kevin Yeo from Team Toyo and his Cefiro A31

April 23, 2006


Anonymous said…
Jane is MARRIED. D1GP in Malaysia is managed by AMPREX. The others are CO-SPONSORS.


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