.what will become.

everytime a day passes, i know it's a blessing. i never used to worry about the future. in my opinion, the future is never there. when the time comes, i will miraculuosly figure something out or something will happen. that was a few years back.

nowaday, questions keep pounding my head. questions about my future. what will happen to me and what will i do in the future?

i never thought about them until recently. my future, that is.

i never thought about my work, my love life, my financials...

who would've thought that the carefree me would be scratching my head about these things now.

i hope god has a plan for everything we all do. then hey, why think? let HIM do all the thinking. i can just rest my ass on the couch and everything will happen? maybe not.

i dunno. i'm kinda a bit of an atheist. i want to believe in something but the bitch in my brain can be sceptical sometimes. hey, don't take me wrong, i believe in things... just rarely in things i can't see. maybe faith is something i don't have.

my psm presentation is over. which means i got more time to meddle in trivial stuffs like my future. oh, hooray!

anyway, i caught "I not stupid too" by Jack Neo. It's nice. the concept is roughly the same as the first one.

kids get neglected, parents busy for trivial stuffs like money, and kid becomes bad, parents fuck them up, kids fuck them back, all of them realizes their mistake and voila, one happy family.

i mean, why worry about trivial stuffs like money, it's not like they're useful. take care of your wonderful kids. make them comfortable, feed them cockroaches.

who makes money important, who decides the value of money? we did. and we neglected all other virtues when we put money as the deciding factor of success. if success is not measured by the amount of money we have, but the amount of friends we have...

maybe we'd all be a bit nice to everyone. then success will be decided by Charisma.

so, if anyone is willing to forsake money for friendship will be a good friend.

to test this, gimme RM1000 and i'll be your best friend.
March 23, 2006


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