Friday, March 17, 2006

.small update.

it's been a long time since i had a real post. nothing too fancy or joking about my encounters.

today, i finally felt a huge burden lifted off my shoulder. yeah, my thesis is finally over, now i just have to prepare for the presentation which hopefully will run smoother than I expect.

These few days have been hectic, i've lived on carbonated and energy drinks every night until the wee hours of morning and going to class later at 9 or 10 again. to say that it's tiring is under rated.

after doing and completing my thesis, i would have to say that thesis is over-rated. i had friends who paid other people to do it. and it only costs a few hundred bucks. if i knew it earlier, i probably wouldn't need to slog my ass up all night completing, modifying and trying to make this shitty piece of writing look perfect. geez, an A is definitely overrated too. i know it ain't worth this much of suffering.

i might be lazy these couple of weeks and i might post less cause it's the final year. and between my life and my blog.... hmm, i don't know.. but i think my life is a good bet since i can actually feel it and not only READ it!

feeling is good. we feel a lot of things. we feel orgasms, we feel love...
but we also feel hungry, poverty, PAIN, anxiety....

maybe feeling is over-rated too.

fuck, i'm actually contradicting myself. i need to get some shut eye. tata.

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