.Kodak Easyshare V570 Review.

i wrote about it here.

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The EasyShare V570 is the only compact digital camera in the world that has both a traditional 3X zoom and an ultra wide-angle lens. The camera has more than its share of negatives (listed below), but if you're after a compact camera that can do wide and telephoto shots, the V570 is the only game in town. If you take a lot of low light or flash photos, or if you desire manual controls, then I'd suggest looking elsewhere -- but for everyone else, the V570 is definitely worth a look.

What I liked:

  • Two lenses: 23 mm ultra wide-angle and normal 39 - 117 mm
  • Compact and stylish metal body
  • Large, high res LCD is viewable outdoors and in low light
  • Nice panorama mode with built-in stitcher (though see issue below)
  • Easy-to-use, tons of scene modes
  • Great movie mode; zoom lens can be used during filming; electronic image stabilizer
  • Excellent software bundle

What I didn't care for:

  • Images on the soft and noisy side
  • Poor battery life
  • Low light focusing isn't great
  • Fingers can easily end up in photos taken with the ultra wide lens
  • Weak flash; redeye a problem
  • 5X zoom range is not continuous: there's a gap between 23 and 39 mm (most notable when zooming in movie mode)
  • Original images not saved when using panorama scene mode
  • USB and A/V ports require camera dock, unless you buy optional adapter; only supports USB 2.0 Full Speed

KTHXBAI. I need to go back to my PSM.
March 5, 2006


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