.knowledge acquired through a bunch of female housemates.

well, living with a bunch of girls has it's pros and cons. a couple of days ago i heard this weird story which i am going to relate to you all. however, the identity of the victim will be kept secret.

let me see now, let us call this girl alisha. alisha is a very blur girl. and she comes from a normal background. not too rich, not too poor.

one day, she decided to hand-wash some of her clothes instead of using the washing machine cause i think she deems them urm... easily spoiled by the machine.

so, she proceeds to soak her jeans and some shirts in a pail. after leaving it there for like, half an hour. she proceeds to squat down in the bathroom and scrub them.

after one long hour of scrubbing and rinsing. she thought she has cleaned them all. so, she proceeds to pour the whole bucket of soap water down the toilet bowl.

now, up until here, everything she did was correct. except she didn't look into the pail first?

according to my experience, always, always, always look into the pail before pouring the whole fucking content into the toilet bowl.

it turns out she left her panties in the pail and then she didn't notice it when pouring the whole soapy, yucky water into the toilet bowl and flushing it at the same time!

however, that's not the worst part.

as if by instinct.... she moved her right hand.

into the toilet bowl... all this in an attempt to save her panties cause she thought it might clog up the toilet.

i refuse to describe the whole process in detail but u get the gist.

hand - in toilet bowl - futile attempt to save panties - PUNKED!

//<-- on a different note -->//

another great revelation before this unfortunate incident also occured. i mean, it has nothing to do with panties but everything to do with bras. i mean, we, have push-up bras, padded bras, lingerie, and all those shit right.

but it seems the people in the innovation OR marketing department has come up with another type of bra.

It's a stick-on bra!

fuck it. it's called a flexibra but i can sense a stick-on bra when i see a stick on bra.

my housemate's bf bought it for her (i think) from lelong.

i'm not gonna pretend like i'm a know it all and do a review on this bra cause in order to do a review, YOU have to USE the product first. the lack of mammary glands in my biological system prevents me from doing so.

but in order to prove my point that this flexibra is actually a marketing term for stick-on bra... let's take a look at it.

these three ladies evoke emotions (think lesbians) but they have nothing whatsoever to do with the product they're selling. i would prefer triumph's or any other caplang brand advertisement over this bland product packaging!
introduction. read for yourself. a full cup larger... instantly. :O
got warning somemore wei! dun play play!
bla bla bla...
frontback. the plastic is to protect the adhesive?
i added a normal driving license for actual size comparison.
a closer look.

now, all males don't need to go through the hassle of unclenching the bra from the back.
just ... UNCUP them.
March 2, 2006


Deriku said…
hey just chanced upon ur blog and man, did it catch my eye.
being a fellow utm-er, i think i've seen u around before.
anyway keep up with the work.
love the bra.
Jimmy Ang said…
u love the bra?

would you want one?

for ur self or your gf?

man, sometimes its confusing.
Boss Stewie said…
if they would only come up with as many innovations on men's underwear as they do for women's bra
Anonymous said…
*@*& (kidding lah har, jimmy, don't be angry ah) ;-)
Anonymous said…
oh yes you can be VERY sarcastic... hehe... talent... ;)
Anonymous said…
does it matter who its for?
none of your business man.


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