.handling a dull class.

you know, people can be weird. we revel in the fact that other people are gaining misfortune.

i come to class this morning to a lethargic population. everyone was sleepy and dull. it was , needless to say, boring.

i tried numerous ways to get them up to form including language games, hypes, activities, talking.. giving them a 10 minutes rest and so much more... but i guess it was to no avail.

then out of the blue, a couple of parents came in for the other class' teacher. they were basically grinding him. he was of course always late to class and irresponsible is an underrated adjective for him.

in that instant, once the volumes go up, my students found their aura. adrenalines rush. they were as active as monkeys.

i can't even control some of them. they were eager to bank in. to know... what misfortune has landed on the other teacher. they wanted information, at the expense of other's privacy and respect.

i can't really blame them. heck even i wanted to know what was going on.

but isn't it weird that we're more interested to know about other people's misfortune than their fortune? what has the community bred us into?

i remember a phrase i used to say.. we used to say.. which i got from "That 70's Show".

Ashton Kutcher "It's funny when friends get hurt."

and sadistically, that is true.

it's not funny when they get fatally injured but.... hurt... yes.

anyway, the next time your class is feeling dull and lethargic.


it's a proven method.
March 26, 2006


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