Monday, March 27, 2006

.green triplets.

I gave birth to three green triplets. and it got me worried.

i mean, GREEN triplets for god's sake.

i took the matter up to a female friend. they're more experienced in dealing with the know-hows of birth and birth control.

i told her. i don't want no weird babies. make them normal. i begged her.

she asks me "where is the baby?"

"flushed down the toilet"

she looked at me wearily and said "how can i give a proper diagnosis without looking at the victim?"

i said " screw you if you think you can take a peek at my lovely offsprings!"

she scrurried away with an indifference attitude.

fast forward 1 day.

she came knocking on my door...
"I've got the green babies too..."

i came out with a quirky remark like...
"serves you right, haha!"

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