.well wishes.

i'm taking a ride back. see you all after chinese new year.

Gong xi fa cai again!

Happy Chinese New Year!
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January 27, 2006


Anonymous said…
happy cny!
Unknown said…
Penang Blogger is going to have a Chinese New Year Gathering for all blogger that interested. Detail as below,

Date : 5th Feb 2005
Time : 2.00 pm
Venue : Ong's Office at, 8th Prangin Lane, Off Carnarvon Street, Penang (Near Komtar)

This gathering is base in pot-luck basis. Therefore, each blogger who would like to attend, just bring some food/biscult/cookies or anything that you want to bring.

For further information, please contact, Penang Podcast at penangpodcast@gmail.com or 糊涂侠客 at hutuxiake@gmail.com. You can also visit the forum at, http://www.malaysiabloggers.com/showthread.php?t=1100&page=9&pp=10
Wingz said…
Wish you
Dog Arrive Work Done,
Step Step High Rise,
Year Year Got Fish,
One Road Smooth Wind,
Out In Flat Safe,
Smile Mouth Long Open,
Heart Think Work Done,
Dragon Horse Sperm God.
Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!


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