.undefeated LOVE? unconditional LOVE?

i would still love you even if you have no money.

i would still love you even if you're poor.

if she loves me, then she shouldn't mind whether i'm poor or rich.

if any girl says this or any guy says this to you... take a bat and smack them in the head.

then, smack them when they're down on the floor again.

smack them till you can see there's remnants of brain cells on your shirt/dress.

then report them for a Darwin award. A "darwin award" is given to human population who help mankind by relinguishing their offspring from the world's gene pool.

every living year and every breath i have taken in this world has led me to this conclusion, money is something.. if not, everything!

i mean, who in their fucking idiocy would want to marry a person without money. money is something. it has to account for something. i mean, people wouldn't be so worried and pissed off if they have no money if money is really nothing.

love can make peace and love can make you happy.

i admit that's true... but only if it's accompanied by money.

and money can make peace and make you happy.... even without love.

imagine a family being hungry and poor and living on the roadside. they're your family members.

you try to help them, but because you're poor, you can only give them love.

hug them, cry with them, kiss them.

but in the end, they'd go like... WTF are you doing?

imagine the same scenario, but now, with money. give them 10,000 dollars or 1,00 dollars.

and because you're rich, use your influence to find them some work. put a shelter up their head.
and you don't even need to lay a finger on them.it seems devoid of love but you're actually doing it because of love.

which one's better?

okay, now imagine your girlfriend.

you're a little poor, but maybe not very poor. you can still afford to give her somethings...

like a treat once in a week in the mamak stall. a stalk of rose once in a year..

no diamond rings, maybe some Zhulian ones.

plus that with a lot of love....

yes i'm sure she loves you... but a girl's definition of love is never "realisitic".

it's more like ... "idealistic"

they want flowers... everytime, once a week.

they want posh restaurants, maybe not all the time but once in a while...

they want diamond rings.

maybe they won't bug you to buy them but they definitely think about it.

the big question...
"WHAT IF..."

what if i was married to someone who loves me AND who's rich.

what if I had diamond rings.

what if he was more handsome.

what if i was prettier, slimmer, more curvaceous.

what if the sky falls down tomorrow.

what if....

now, imagine a guy who's rich, not bad looking. maybe someone who has the same exact face as you...

and he's damn rich.

he books the whole restaurant for her. fill the ceilings with balloon. chauffeur her with a limousine or a BMW, not the lousy Proton you have...

and he comes with a hundred roses (or insert her facourite flower here)

imagine lavishing her with the most beautiful dresses suited for a princess. a dress that you can only buy if you spent two months salary especially for that dress.

and he buys 10 of them.

are you sure her heart wouldn't move?

is LOVE really that powerful?

yes, love is powerful but HOW powerful?
January 14, 2006


She's Jess said…
Make sense make sense...
Jimmy Ang said…
see, even the female agree.

damn, i gotta start earning my green moolah now!~
Anonymous said…
I wish the current money system is replaced by free world system. Things are improving. We now have free newspapers and softwares and I am positive to see the world of love will replace the world of materialism.
She's Jess said…
Nah.. wait till you listen to the female's side of story first.. :P
Jimmy Ang said…
life feel : free world system? that sounds like communism.
Anonymous said…

but then again.. love is powerful.. but it depends on who. not all females *think* of the materialistic world. and certainly, NOT everyone is moved by money. STRANGE, WEIRD, IMPOSIBLE, but true :)
Anonymous said…
Money makes the world go round. Sure love is important but too long into the relationship without money bores me. Sure..call me materialistic but you'll be the one green with envy when I tot around my LVs in a Gucci dress heading towards my weekly spa treatment.


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