.Sony Ericsson W810.

the new Walkman brand phone from SE

've got news that Sony Ericsson W810 is coming out in the first Q of 2006. However, with the W900, I was left wondering why in the blue hell does Sony Ericsson want to come out with W810. Maybe the candybar design and small aspect will win over some music lovers that are beat off by W900's enormous design and unorthodox swivel design.

One thing for sure, the W810 is aesthetically more pleasing than the funky but a bit childish W800 walkman phone. I mean, orange and white? sure, funky for a teenager but not up to the sleek and classy design that i was looking for.

Did SE forgot about 3G in their design department?

why W810 did not include 3G capability is beyond my wildest understanding. It looks like a very promising handset, and if 3G was included, I would definitely consider it. (i just upgraded my sim to a 3G one for free from Celcom).

The features are all promising but I heard it lacks a very big gap in the FM radio department. That was a very determining factor to a lot of users. Especially me. Cause after a while, my collection of MP3s lose their appeal and FM radio offers a free variety.

However, when will it be available and at what price is still unknown...

and one more thing, i hate SE joysticks. My K700i's joystick got retarded in like 2 months...

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January 6, 2006


Jimmy Ang said…
so was i when i first saw it.

a piece of mona lisa in your hands...


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