.if i had periods, i would be like this...

now, i always imagine periods. i mean, how hard is stomach cramps once in a month right?

if you're a male chauvinist asshole, like every other male in this world. you would probably think that you can handle it.

but then again, try to imagine yourself having periods. i mean, it's biologically impossible right?

since you have no vagina/pussy or whatever hole, then where would all the gooey blood come out from..

let's just imagine that they will come out from your asshole.
(this is probably the most probable place a period will come out if guys biologically can have periods...)

i mean, it's definitely not coming out from your penis. wahlau! think of blood, oozing out of your dick.

damn scary dude.

okay, now that the hole's settled. let's imagine you having diapers. now shrink it by ten times to roughly the equivalent of a pad.

i doubt males would prever a tampoon cause that'd be like getting a dick shoved up your asshole... which projects a retarded image of gay plus bondage.

okay, if you want, let's imagine a tampoon wedged up your ass. and a string hanging out.

now pull it out.... it's like unplugging a sink hole.


so, we got the tampoon out of the way... the next task would be tring to imagine how gooey a period blood feels like.

imagine diarrhea.... uncontrollable. ooozzing out of your ass.

now in order to prevent staining your pants, stick the pad up your panties... i mean underwear.

and have it soak up the remnants of your oozing shit and feeling the shit plastered all over the surface of your butt.

uncomfortable right?

if i was to have that kind of feeling, i think i'd faint there and then. maybe even get a baseball bat and randomly start hitting the janitor.

okay, now that the substance is dealt with, let's move on to the pain.

remember your stomach gastric pains?

yes, that one. now imagine the worst one you had.

times it by 3.

that's the feeling you get.

and then add it to the gooey butt feeling or asshole wedged by a tampoon feeling.

then tell me how irritated and agitated you can be.

believe me, if i had this once a month, i'd rather be a male....

wait a minute, i am a male.

now for the females, if you want to stop this phenomenon, there are two ways as i know it.

first is to get menopause.

but that's a biological thing beyond your control or sometimes that's just not an option cause you're not married and who knows, you might want to have a little critter called a child.

another way is to get pregnant.

whoa! that's good. the comfort of nine months and it all comes exploding in one single stroke?

think again.

now, females, imagine a milo tin strapped up your body. imagine looking in the mirror everyday for 10 months (1 month after getting pregnant)..

imagine that and saying... HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, I'M FUCKING FAT!

times it by (31x10) = 310 days.

maybe you look into the mirror 2 times a day... that's a total of 620 times screaming the god's name in vain.

and then there's the explosion.


now although that only happens when the explosion starts... it might go up to

1000 times degrading another female as a "bitch" for his bloody son's fault just because he's too lazy to buy a condom.


pelf said…
This is hilarious!
hsin said…
hahahaha nicely said
Jason said…
Jacky said…
Wahaha... you have very good imagination.

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