.idiot storm troopers.

storm troopers are in my opinion, the most coolest lot in the Star Wars saga besides Darth Vader. I mean, who else would I like?

I definitely wouldn't want that Luke idiot who almost fell in love with his own freaking sister.

And defintely not the Gay Hans who has a fetish for Bigfoot.

The Emperor? That old hag sucks. I bet his balls or scrotum must be saggy and wrinkly like a bulldog. i mean, just look at his fucking face. It reeks of sag.

However, yesterday, i realized a couple of things, the fucking storm troopers are all clones. they don't even have names, not even a name tag.

WTF does that mean?

it means they're all just small potatoes (insignificant idiots).

How do they identify each other?

No wonder the jedi's don't even need to have a conscience when killing them. They're like people who all look the same. it's like killing them and seeing them come back alive. so the guilt is never there cause you think they'd always come back from the dead.

Darth Vader always pull out the force on them.

And the storm troopers don't even have a voice synthesizer like Vader.

fuck the storm troopers. they're really a bunch of idiots.
January 14, 2006


Anonymous said…
you took quite a long while to realise that didn't you?
Jimmy Ang said…
yes, unfortunately...

i guess i never thought about it.. :(


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