.the best gadgets of 2005.

current readings has led me to pen down the best gadgets of 2005 (in my opinion)

Sony Ericsson W800i

This is undoubtedly one of the best marvels of the world today. with exceptional camera and music interface quality, it leaves no stones unturned. however, one might be turned off by it's orange and white design. if you're not one who dislikes the design, you must be one who likes it. there's no in between.

with the incorporated extra memory card storage in the form of the more expensive Sony Memory Stick, you might think twice. however, Sony has saved us all the headache by including a 512mb Sandisk MSProDuo.

Although in terms of architecture and hardware, it is almost equivalent to the SE K750i, the walkman brand might be a determining difference.


Motorola Razr V3.

This is one stunning piece of architecture. Boasting a handphone which rivals its previous Startac fame, it is currently still the phone to beat in terms of design. however, with old functionalities but a futuristic design, this phone seems more like a fashion piece than a great piece of hardware.

Sporting a vga camera with 0.3 mpx resolution, I am still wondering why people would buy such an outdated piece of machinery.

The interface of Motorola is one that we are still waiting for a revamp. Currently, it is still being left behind by their other counterparts like SE or Samsung. Nokia leaves them behind in terms of user friendly interface and customization with its Symbian OS.

Without a memory card slot and a mere 5.5 mb built in memory, I am still wondering how am I going to make the best out of this small and astute piece of design masterpiece.

Fashion phone at it's best.


Nokia N70.

No doubt one of the best gadgets in 2005 due to its functionality and the 3g capabilities, this phone is one to marvel at. its specs are something we all look in awe.

Sporting a 2mpx camera and memory card slot plus utilizing the Symbian OS, one cannot go wrong with this handset.

However, the mere size and weight is a put off for a whole lot of people including me.


Sony PlayStation Portable.

Venturing into an area previously dominated by Nintendo, Sony has seem to make a glaring and blazing entrance into handheld gaming.

Utilizing their proprietary UMD disc format, i can only wonder when it will take a downfall due to the lack of games. but it seems that the memory stick is capable of providing movies and games downloaded from the internet as well. As I have yet to confirm the availability of this, any reader's feedback is welcomed.

No doubt, the high resolution and big screen is a very big factor in the success of this handheld, not to mention the fact that it has sleek designs.

i can only wonder when i will get my grubby paws on this device for a test ride... :)


Ipod Nano.

the first, or rather second ipod to move away from hard disc based storage, it is a revolutionary design and technological feat.

With such slim designs, I can only wonder when and how did I fell in love with it.

however, due to its scratch prone surface, it might hinder off some music lovers. however, keep in mind that it once went through rigorous destruction testing and came out alive.

this is a darling for male and female alike and if you're afraid of getting scratches on this product, get protection. AIDS suck.

aiyah! wrong tagline.


Other gadgets which are superb but did not quite get into my best gadgets of 2005:

Samsung SGH D600
: no autofocus and slower text messaging
Xbox 360 : due to the lack of games.
Ipod Video : evolutionary but nothing revolutionary
Tungsten | X : Lacks something called a phone combination.
Palm Treo 650 : not my cup of tea
SE W900 : still new

now, i might and need to work twice as hard to get one of these...
January 11, 2006


Anonymous said…
Oooh I would love one of those Ipods! Purple ones would go great with my new handbag.


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