.bad day.

today's been a bum. i was up all day teaching from 10.30 till 5 pm. imagine the haggard look on my freaking face after all those hours of screaming children.

the morning session was bad. because there were a lot of kids varying from kindergarten to standard 6. it was havoc. i just felt like strangling them and dumping them into the toilet bowl.

i admit, some of them are cute and adorable... but others are just irritating and dumb. plain dumb.

then the afternoon session.

teenagers with their rebellious attitude and angst.

i could be all fierce and fuck them up from the moon to the depths of the black hole.

but i guess i'm not much of an angry person. i prefer to approach it with a friendly attitude.

thank god this won't be happening again next week.

i've asked for lesser classes. which means, next sunday, i only have one class from 10 am until 1 pm. form 4 until form 5 students.

after that, it's back to my assignments.

daily dose
January 15, 2006


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