.what i did during my hols.

now, i wouldn't say i did fantastic things during my holiday but it was ... how to put it... in one word?


yes, this holiday is more subdued compared to the past cause there's basically less people there. and we all want a piece of a peaceful life.

however, we did manage to catch up through yam cha session and all those shit.

we went to futsal. i didn't know there this such AWESOME futsal stadium in butterworth. it charges 70 dollars an hour roughly but for 10 person, it'll come around 7 dollars per person. the field was nice. everything was good in the futsal field. but i was damn pissed off cause i got no boots and no shorts, so i had to lend.

another person's sticky butthole fabric up my butthole and so on.. but it's ok. i don't mind sharing clothes... with male of course. female, depends... hahaha!

anyway, we went also went deepavali-ing. this pic was taken in Thana's house (far right)

besides than that, here's a panoramic view of my mum and my sis watching some tvb drama called war and beauty (now in astro tvb WLT) but we bought the dvd. man, we gulped it all up (the whole 30 freakin episodes in 2 freaking days.) how fucking superb. i never knew my mom was soooooo fucking into tvb.

during the occasional tvb, we went out for dim sum. mom sponsor wan lar! like i said, going out with mom is the best! really da bomb! kidding.

i also managed to catch the infamous glimpse of a fire in a chocolate factory in mak mandin.

a lot of cars and bikes were there for kapo-ing. naturally, i took a photo but this chee bye car just had to cover it suddenly. dun worry i wasn't driving at that time!

oh yeah, when i came back here. the whole tmn university was always having electricity interruptions. it's ok now but it sure did piss me off that few days. somemore finals coming soon. so fuck you TNB.

nvm, that's beside the point.

anyway, we were out eating dinner when suddenly the lights went off! MCH, how to see my food. some people used hp lights. i used my k700i camera lighting mode to shine on my food.

then the worker there come out with candles. KNN, eat candlelight dinner. dun play play! so ROMANTIC my ass....

after 5 minutes in candlelight mood, the lights came back on... just when the chicks are getting all mushy cutesy.

i shout out loud again.. CHEE BYE TNB!


now you see how da boring my life is?

oh, head over to watch kenny sial in mr. brown's latest show!
November 11, 2005


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