Thursday, November 10, 2005


my friend's brother has a lot of figurines. in japan, they would call such a guy... an otaku. however, he lacks the look to complete otakuness. he looks ok. his toys are cool.

i am really amazed at his collection. i mean, all this shit might come to a few thousand shits. but i guess rich people can afford it.

fuck the free world!

i see strike, g-gundam and some small shit

i see wing and sazabi. the other one i forgot the name!

a lot of small small shit from spawn, matrix and even gundam

spawn collections, the crow, hellboy!

so many gundams! and two evas.

gun gun and gundams

this one cun!

i like the pose on this spawn!


lynnee said...

he could have open his own toy shop liao! :)

kljs said...

yup, that's a lot, but still not alot like those more fanatic than him....

hisyam said...

this is nothing compared to the others i've seen

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