.malaysians being ill treated.

first it was this...
When we walked through the walkway into the main prison compound, we were in shock. All the prisons you have seen on TV is nothing compared to the horrid conditions of Pudu Jail. Everybody in prison was frail thin, bony. The only fat people were the policemen guarding the prison. We were told to put our belongings into a cell and leave them there, we were then made to one by one strip naked and made to do squats in front of all the other jail mates. I had never done anything wrong in my life, why was I being treated this way?!! It was degrading. It angered me.
now this,
He immediately dragged James off the floor, tossed him too his feet. He then grabbed my wrist and threw me out the door. I asked him what right did he have to touch customers like that? I demanded his name so I could speak to the manager about it. I certainly was not going to take pushed around and more so, having my sick fiancee pushed around over this.

now Malaysia is going on an anti graft campaign. i doubt the badge thing would look professional but i think it'd serve as a reminder everyone who wants to start bribing. and it also serves to remind the policeman himself.

unless of course their mind is set on corruption then there's not much.. wait a minute... we can do something, report the mother fucker.

however, one thing does astound me, does the authorities always have the holier than thou mindset? WTF happened to the justice? marred by black ink?
November 11, 2005


NickTay said…
unless of course the anti-coruption agency hides microphones in the buttons so they can use it as proof that the cops asked for bribes.
Anonymous said…
It's embarassing for the police force to have to wear these badges i'm sure. but it's good in the sense that these fellas need to humble themselves the fuck down.

Jimmy Ang said…
nick : ingenious but not plausible. malaysian authorities don't have enough cash for such a large scale implementation.

ripcord: haha, yeah. but the bribery was a win win situation. admit it, although bad but both sides benefit. it would really be interesting to see how these badges would enable police to resist temptation.


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