.i had a dream.

dear fuckders,

what's so big about this dream? it has a car and a number inside.

alright, yesterday i was watching 10 brothers. it is one god damn butt ugly show ok? i mean, the people, the hairstyle, everything. it even has some inkling of superpower inside. those who come from a chinese ed might have heard about it, those who have not... tough luck. c u next time.

anyway, the movie is about 10 super natural powers. and some mumbo jumbo shit. sorry, this was not the focus of my topic. so, back to the dream.

anyway, i had this dream that i was in jusco, walking and walking and a lot of irritating stuff happened. and then i went down to the parking lot, just in time to see two freaking cars reverse directly onto each other and BANG!

that's the end of an ass of a white KELISA and some other white car. I remember taking down the number but I forgot what number already. Dun worry, i sleep back again ok?
November 8, 2005


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