.friendship gets backstage.

dear invaders,

jeez, sometimes, this dear dear thing is getting into my head.

so, how's your deepavali and hari raya? even halloween?

my deepavali was ok. I mean, we did went out, a couple of friends and me. But I do miss those murukus. Those old fashioned spiky murukus. Whatever happened to those? But there were food. Nice indian food, thanks to puva and thana. They were great hosts. I mean, I basically went there almost every year.

This year, we went in a gang and it never amazes me how those cliques which were lost from university are all so comfortable together even after a few years of absence. I mean, those old school homies are still the best. I can't get any of my friends from uni here out on a gathering. Maybe it's me, but they sure certainly seem less attached to friends nowadays.

Maybe it's because of the age. I mean, as we mature, things take centre stage... things like boy-girl relationship. back in the old secondary school days, friendship takes centre stage. I mean, I can/could even disobey my parents for some friendly outings. I guess teenage days were indeed the most rebellious of all.

Have you ever disobeyed your parents for your friends? I do that almost all the time. My secondary friends have been through my life and death. I remember involved in 5 freaking motorcycle accidents and they were all there. they were all there when it happened. thank god it didn't involve any of them but still... 5 times wor!

MKNNBCCB, i didn't die also good ady lor!

November 7, 2005


Reta said…
i disobey alll the timeeeeeeee
Jimmy Ang said…
u memang lar.....


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